Kim Volkmann

Kim is a French Artist born in South Korea. She was adopted and grew up in France in the green Loire Valley surrounded by historic and beautiful castles. Growing up, she was curious about Korea and her origins and decided to study Korean language and English literature at university (INALCO) in Paris. After graduation she spent 3 years in South Korea but finally she declined a job offer in artistic events to go back living in Paris.

After several years working in a travel agency, communication agency and Duty Free shops, she realized that office job was not for her and decided to go back to school. From her travel in Asia and interest in fashion, Kim has developed passion for fabrics and colors and joined La Sorbone University to study Fine Arts and pursue an Artist carrier.

In 2007, Kim and her family moved to California, USA. Shortly after settling down, Kim created and launched her company: Volkim Creations.

Her initial vision was to develop lines of hand crafted jewelry that would combine fabrics, semi precious stones and metal.

When asked about her artwork, Kim says:

“I came to develop quite a unique skill of knotting, braiding, interweaving fabric cords because I wanted to give warmth to cold stones and metal in my pieces of jewelry. I quickly felt in love with vibrant colors of satin cord also called Rattail. I found the fabric so glamour and sensual that I decided to make craft works out of it. After exploring various techniques of Korean macrame (maedup), French passementerie and Celtic knots, I found out that I can make large scale geometric forms using Celtic knot technique, which mostly is weaving with a single continuous cord. Combined with jewelry elements, I like to create what I call my jeweled baskets and objects. I also like to make wall arts finding my inspiration from Abstract Artists such as Mondrian, Josef Albers, Frank Stella or Lucio Fontana and Fiber Artist like Sheila Hicks that I like to revisit."

About her one of kind work, Kim adds:

"My handcraft jewelry and decorative objects are my personal creations from design to fabrication. I carefully make each piece following my inspiration and pay a lot of attention to the finishes. Some pieces that are duplicated might be slightly different depending on the materials I find in bead shows and shops."